ISIL cannot be wiped out with the support of other jihadists

Ankara has launched the operation on Jarabulus that had been expected for days. As part of the operation, named ‘Operation Euphrates Shield’, jihadists of Free Syrian Army (FSA) have crossed the border from Turkey and entered Jarabulus.


Turkey has started military operations over Jarabulus, border city across from Turkey’s Karkamış town in Antep, to wipe out ISIL in the area and to prevent SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) from seizing power in the region. Operations that started at 4:00 yesterday (August 23) have been given the name of ‘Operation Euphrates Shield’.

In the official statements of the offices of the Prime Ministry and the Chief of General Staff, it has been said that ‘the operation was started by Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) Joint Special Operations Force and air forces of the coalition forces with the aim of cleansing Jarabulus from ISIL.’ Speaking on the operation, Turkish Interior Minister Efkan Ala said “We support the moderate opposition forces.”

Operation was launched with the air bombardment of F-16s. Later, ground offensives were started; at around 11:00, tanks of Turkish Armed Forces entered Syrian territories from Karkamış border. Chief of Staff Hulusi Akar has been declared as the Chief of the operation.‘Maroon berets’ are also involved
Special forces within TSK have also been involved in crossing the border of Syria. Maroon berets held certain military operations in parts of the city to weaken ISIL. It has been reported that the maroon berets were let to enter Syria from the passage points created with armoured ladles; and, they are led by Special Forces General Zekai Aksakallı.

TSK announced that it initially fired 294 times at 81 targets. The troops deployed for the operation, as also announced by TSK, are infantries; tankers and artillerymen; fortresses (for opening passages and for demining); combat units; logistics support; and the ground and air (drones) support mechanisms of the Air Forces.

Thousands of jihadists have crossed the border
It was announced that thousands of jihadists have also crossed the border from Karkamış to Jarabulus along with the TSK troops. There are still about 1,500 members of FSA waiting on hold at the Turkish side of the border to enter Jarabulus.

TSK troops were greeted by jihadists
TSK tanks that crossed the border from Turkey were greeted in Syria by jihadists. The arm bands of these jihadists caught attention. It’s been reported that while the ‘red’ bands were worn by Arabic jihadists within FSA, ‘blue’ bands were used by the Turkmens within the same group.

FSA’s statement about the operation was that it ‘got mobilized to liberate Jarabulus.’ In the evening hours, FSA declared that Jarabulus was completely taken under control.

Wounded jihadists are taken to Nizip, Antep for treatment
The FSA jihadists who were wounded during the clashes were taken to Nizip, Antep from the Karkamış border in ambulances. It’s been reported that there are 3 jihadists in Antep Doctor Ersin Arslan Hospital and 40 in Nizip Hospital, receiving treatment at ER units.


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